John & Maricel
“Binky or Binkying” –happy dance! Leaping in the air, contorting and twisting their bodies, and kicking their feet out.

Welcome to Binky Bunbun! My name is Maricel Paredes, and I’m the founder of Binky Bunbun, a place to find unique arts and crafts that fit your style! I started this website after being told by friends and family that I have a unique talent and eye on creating arts and crafts. Each of the items will be handmade giving each and everyone of them something unique. In some cases the items will be one of a kind through custom orders and/or hard to find item accessories.
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Friendly and Needy; I got her when she was 2 months old on July 2011. I never thought I would have a bunny as a pet, and ever since then I have learned so much about them. Bunbun is very friendly and looooves attention, she responds very well when I call her, especially for treats. She loves being pet and she’s not afraid of anything!
Shy with a big heart and a cool mustache. He is about 1 year old when we adopted him on April 2013 from Sweetpea Foundation. When Bunbun first met Freckles we are lucky enough that they quickly bonded. Freckles loves to groom and Bunbun loves the attention. It took a while to gain Freckles trust and up until now we are still working on it. He is not a fan of a crowd and loud noises; he also doesn’t like being picked up. We also nicked name him “Frecules” just because he loves tossing everything around.
Spunky and Fast. We first started Fostering Skittles to help out Sweetpea Foundation and we fell in love with her personality and decided to adopt her. She’s a lionhead mix, weigh about 2 lbs with a nappy hair do. She love jumping all over the place, enjoys watching TV, shes also friendly and sweet, although you need to earn her trust first.